xxhearts – Beautiful heartbeats Trailer


One of our customers was so kind to create a beautiful xxhearts introduction video. The video is 1min25 long and totally suitable for work. So we’ve put this on the xxhearts Youtube channel.

The heartbeat community is small but very committed. So it is our mission to keep delivering new, beautiful and tasteful video content for them.

If you like our creations, feel free to share this video wherever possible. It doesn’t contain nudity.

This will keep us going. Many thanks. D. & J.


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  1. Would be good to see a Littman cardiology 3 stethoscope used by the models. The classic 2 that you are using is good but the cardiology looks so much better on (lot of steth fans prefer it).

    Also, the finish on the one you are using is black but most are use to the standard silver finish (looks sexier if you ask me).

    You can pick up littmann cardio 3 on ebay fairly cheap these days. Only thing left is to decide the color. The raspberry looks pretty feminine (in reality rather than on the marketing photos) and would look hot on your models xo

    • xxhearts

      Interesting comment Sophie. The problem is that I need a stethoscope with a single tube (because there is only one mic). The more specialized ones have 2 tubes. For the sound, it doesn’t matter. The mic is much more sensitive than our ears. Thanks for your comments in any case.

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