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Amy from xxhearts


Hi Guys, Here we present Amy, a girl from the US. 21y old and simply stunning! As you will see, she -really really- enjoyed our 20-min session together. Enjoy! Download…

girl using stethoscope

Elise – Her first stethoscope experience

Elise, such a beautiful girl from Poland… Not much of a talker, but her body language is strong and she enjoyed this session so much. In this video,…


New shoot with Chloe

Saturday February 25, there will be a new session with Chloe. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. Kind regards, Xxhearts

visible heartbeat of girl

Details and Pulses

When you have a model with a great skin it’s an opportunity to go closer. By using a macro lens, it’s possible to focus very specific parts of…

Listen to my heart with Marie

Listen to my heart

A romantic video with live heartbeat A human heart has always been connected with love, romance and intimacy. This is also what we try to amplify when creating…


Palpation of the precordium

In the new video with Clara, palpation of the precordium is included somewhere in the middle of the video. I followed this great guide: Practical guide of clinical…