Sound of Chloe – Trailer

Chloe’s heartbeat – 3 previews

This teaser video showcases 3 different videos with Chloe now available. Download via the store

Please leave a comment below if you like it. Also very interested in your insights / remarks / ideas.

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  1. Impressive presentation, I agree with your mission statement 100 percent and wish you good luck. Stlyish high quality beauty from the trailer I will be buying your first videos as soon as I can. I will also leave my thoughts and feedback when I do.

  2. I have been seeing the ads for this site through Tumblr and to be honest was skeptical that I would enjoy what i found. After viewing the first Chloe Video, I think I just found my newest destination for heartbeat videos. I can safely say my money was well worth spent. Thank you for your work and keep it up.

  3. Thanks Gentlemen.
    Endorsements like these are helpful when just starting out.
    Keep in touch.

  4. nicole steger

    can you do one with fast beats ? 🙂

  5. Very stylist, and very nice. I’ve purchased a few of your videos and I’ll be back for some more. Keep up the go work, and please add more.

  6. THE MOST LOVELY! A beautiful young woman, gently resting in bed, who warmly enjoys your company, and allows you to auscultate her heart with a loving and welcome feeling. This is a prefect example of true love and mutual feeling, even if it’s just a video.

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