Soon: 3 new models


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  1. Docheartbeat

    awesome! lets make this happen.

  2. Michele Tambe

    yeah man you are back!!!

  3. Can you make a video where they use the full cardio 4 stethocope on each other… I would buy that and I know of some others that would too. Doesn’t matter if you don’t record live heartbeat

  4. Finally after a very long break! Yay!

  5. Michele Tambe

    and where is the 3rd model?

  6. So when you say ‘soon’ — how soon, roughly? This Christmas? Next summer? Let us know so we can plan the 2022 Qatar World Cup around it.

  7. when will new clips come??

  8. me parece bien por que es interesante

  9. quiero ver video para entretenerme todo los dias de mi vida porque me encanta

  10. puede subir video en vivo por favor estan buenicimo suber mucho todo los dias ay mucha gente que le gustan tu video

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