Heartbeats & exercises

Recently published two clips with beautiful Clara. In this clip, Clara uses the stethoscope to listen to her heart after some exercises. With each exercise her heart rate increases which results in very visible pulses in the neck, chest and stomach area.

At slower heart rates, we notice a significant split in the S1, harmless but intriguing. Heart audio is, as always, of perfect quality and further optimized by Rhythmia.

Download the full clip here.


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  1. Michele


    This Guy is in my opinion the best Heartbeat/Video-Producer i know. a very friendly guy. every video he makes is absolutely fantastic and full of inovations!
    i am big fan right now.

    i am very happy for his work, and will support him in the future. everyone can buy his videos without thougts, they are all great. 1+


  2. You have impeccable taste and a passion for quality. All models are beautiful and the filming/lighting/sound is unmatched by any other site. Your work is in a league of its own. I hope you continue to make these videos for a long time to come.

  3. These Videos are incredible good. The quality of the Heartbeats is brilliant and also the quality of the Videos itself. Apart from the fact that I love to hear the sound of a girl’s heartbeat I also love to see the veins popping out under their skin. This drives me completely crazy.
    Compared with other sites the price for each video is absolute justified. This guy is a real artist and he exactly knows what we would like to see.

    Thank you very much

    • xxhearts

      Many thanks Stefan. Let’s try to increase the quality with each shooting.
      Best regards,

  4. Hi, these videos are excellent. I would love to see more breath holding and ribs. Possibly stomach vacuums.

    Your style is the best i’ve seen – keep it up

    • xxhearts

      Thanks Steve,
      Good ideas. More breath holding will def. come later. I don’t do that during the first shoot with the model.

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