Rose’s visible pulses in close-up

Something new here;  A beating heart generates a lot of visible pulses on different places on the body. We registered two places where the pulses are quite noticeable. Together with Rose’s live heartbeat sound, we highlighted the movements with some extra tools such as a glass, filled with water, and a little paper.

Premature ventricular contraction

This video contains Rose’s first pvc (premature ventricular contraction). You can notice it after the first exercise. Since the stethoscope head does not move for many minutes, there are no additional noises so you can really hear the systolic blood flow. Especially during recovery and, at times, during her resting beat.

This might be just the natural flow due to clarity of the sound but some might think its a murmur.

We focus the camera a while on the neck area where you clearly see a bouncy double pulse. This is quite normal but only seen with some people.
Check the complete video here.
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