New shoot with Zoe

Tomorrow we’ll have Zoe back in the xxhearts studio.

I’m planning to use the bike and some more detailed medical exams.

If you have any other suggestions, plz leave a comments.


Zoe for xxhearts

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  1. Dennis Murchison

    Hi, would like to see more visible heartbeat from apex

  2. mrbloodyfeet

    hi She would keep this breathing stretching with her arms do straight up and suck her stomach and see the pulse heartbeat under the breasts?

  3. Definitely looking forward to more medical exams. Maybe auscultate her carotids before stething her heart? Also, taking her apical pulse would be hot.

    • xxhearts

      You mean the apical IMpulse I presume?

      • Yes, but specifically using the steth or fingers to count her BPM. Sometimes it is also auscultated while simultaneously taking another pulse at the wrist. :)

  4. Just a thought. If Zoe or any of your models are smokers . . . maybe one with the “effects” of a good strong “power smoke” would be interesting. There may be none who do smoke – or it just may be something you don’t want to address, which is of course just fine.
    Also any more of the breath holds or breath hold-out like some Zoe has done before are never too much.
    Thanks so much for what you are doing here . . . and especially for the quality you have shown to this point – outstanding in all respects!!

    • xxhearts

      Definitely on my list. As far as I know, only Clara does smoke. But I can’t shoot her before mid-June. So def. on my list for later :-)

      • Great ! Can’t remember if Clara has a visible beat . . . there by her breastbone . . . but seeing someone who has that, takes those “power smoker” volumes through deep inhales, and then holds the smoke usually has a wonderful, visible effect. This is also special if you can hear the ambient sounds of the inhale and exhale, etc. Also great if a couple of times the model reaches up and feels her visible beats with her hand/fingers it is just grand! Again, not critical just sharing thoughts!

  5. Belias

    Maybe put a little pressure on her heart. With a belt while sitting/standing or a wheight while she’s laying to get it faster and more visible

  6. Stethman

    You could try to steth the abdominal pulses on each quadrant of the abdomen. Realistic medical exam are still the best as far as I’m concerned…

  7. Put weight on her chest or do compressions while recording…

  8. Have you ever thought of bringing blood pressure taking into your videos as well?

    • xxhearts

      Yes, I’ve got those requests too. Haven’t got time to find and buy the correct meter.. but still on my list. thx

  9. i’d like to watch several bp measurements sitting and standing position, at rest and during stress test

  10. Charlie

    You’ve probably done the shoot by now, but if you haven’t, you could try your hand at having 2-3 minutes of consultation before the exam. I’m sure you’ll ask all the right questions, and she will answer truthfully — although somewhat nervously. :)

    • xxhearts

      Thanks Charlie.
      You mean some kind of getting to know the model Q&A or conversation? I can do that with models that speak English. Good idea.

      • Charlie

        Hi again!

        What I had in mind was actual doctor-patient consultation. “Hello, what can I do for you today?” – that sort of thing. The model would then go on to discuss symptoms and possibly her medical history with the doctor. I know not every model is an actress, and that we can only approximate realism — but I thought I’d share the idea. :)


        • xxhearts

          Perfectly understood. :-) thanks for the input!
          I have a backlog of some great vids coming up (already filmed) but for a next shoot, I’ll bear this in mind.

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