Milla from Italy

Just uploaded a beautiful new self-stething video with Milla, a 27-year-old model from Italy.

First time that she used a stethoscope and listened to her own heart. But she did very well; Slow movements with very few friction moments. Her heart sounds peaceful and warm. We notice a slight split in her S1.

She never had her heart checked before. In this 13min she auscultates the common valves and does a session heavy breathing at the end. There you can clearly hear how her heart reacts on the breaths.

Ps. check her visible pulse in the neck.

You can download the video here. 

self-stething with Milla from xxhearts

self-stething with Milla from xxhearts

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  1. Me excita,gata Milla,quero mais,bjh….

  2. Charlie

    She looks gorgeous. Tell me, any plans for a doctor examination?

    Keep it up!

  3. Stethman

    Doctor Examination ? Whoa!
    Don’t forget to try to steth the abdominal aorta,
    Thanks :-)

    • xxhearts

      What’s the abdominal aorta? Don’t think I have done that, but I can do it this Saturday with Clara.

      • The Abdominal Aorta descends through the abdominal area from the heart. It’s actually very sexy to start auscultating at the carotids, do a complete heart assessment, and then listen to the flow through the abdomen as she lies supine on the table.

        Any chance we might see some chest palpation? It’s important to feel the heart as well as listen. :)

      • fr0sty

        While you’re at it, any chance you could try to steth or even capture visibly the femoral arteries (large pulses on the inside of the thigh/groin). On models this thin, they should be quite noticeable if you know to look :)

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