Listen to my heart

A romantic video with live heartbeat

A human heart has always been connected with love, romance and intimacy. This is also what we try to amplify when creating a video for xxhearts, certainly in this particular video.

The video we released has a pretty long intro, featuring the beautiful song “In Peace (Somewhere Else Mix) (ft. Snowflake)”

Marie is a very romantic type and she really wants to connect with you in the video… via the stethoscope.

So she has only one question for you; do you want to listen to my heart?

(Hell yes!!)

The video can be downloaded here. Lot’s of visible pulses here. Check the sample below.

Al the best,

Xxhearts &

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  1. i love these ,and i like to listen to heartbeat.

  2. Jó estét kívánok én kovács pál vagyok és lehetne olyan videót hogy a doppler készülékkel hallgatni a szivdibogást.

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