Lina – Artistic beats

I wanted to introduce you to Lina, a very beautiful model from Estonia. She has been a model since her 16 so she has been modelling for ten years now. I photographed her in a nice setting (hotel room) where it was very silent. As a result, the live recording of her heart is pretty good as you can hear in the preview below. The sound has been optimised further by

This video zooms on particular places where the beat is very visible (stomach and neck in particular). But also the stethoscope moves up and down with every slow beat.

Lina is very sporty which might be the reason why her heart rate is slow and steady.


Give the preview video some time to load before pushing on start.

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  1. It would be interesting to see some videos with ecg.

  2. It would be excellent to see more breath holds and stomach vacuums with these beautifully slim, fit models.

  3. Quero mais,que pulsação rápida sexy,bjhs…..

  4. 2 or more models in one video to compare heartbeats must be fantastic

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