Introducing: Pro-ballet dancer Amélie

I believe that this will be the first time ever that somebody recorded the heartbeat of a dancer in real-time.

Amélie is a pretty well-known Ballet dancer. She performs worldwide while practising 6 to 8 hours a day.

She’s also a very sweet girl. Pretty young (21) but already very mature for her age. I presume that this is the result of years of disciplined work and the travelling she has been doing lately.

Here we attached the stethoscope to her chest. The result is very rich heartbeat audio with clear valve sounds. This because the pressure from the ballet top made sure that the steth was always decently attached to the heart area.

In this video, she starts slowly with some warming up exercises. Along with the complexity of the exercises, her heart starts beating faster and faster while she breathes more heavily.
Definitely a must-have video. Live heart audio further optimised by

See below a short fragment.

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  1. Belias

    Very beautiful Video! She’s very cute. 🙂

  2. super gymnast

    Will there be other videos on the heart of a girl dancer or girl gymnast?

    • Hi, not sure yet. Maybe next year.

    • La gymnaste en coeur

      Moi je suis une gymnaste, j’ai aussi 21 ans, j’aurais adoré être ausculté en vidéo 😁

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