How does the heart of a Playboy model sound?

We check it out here.

Victoria is a model from Argentina. She’s pretty young (22) and worked for Playboy in the past.


During a photo shoot for some lingerie label, she started to hyperventilate so we had to call a doctor for a quick checkup. Before the shoot, she had a large meal so a lot of her energy went to the digestion resulting in a lower blood pressure. We can also hear her stomach during the abdominal checkup.

For an unknown reason, Victoria has a more “quiet” heart compared with the others. So we needed to amplify the HB sound more than usual. Luckily we work with the best recording material, so all sounds under her beautiful hood are captured very very nicely. Sounds further optimised by 

Download the video here.



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  1. Hi, in the future can you make videos with 2 or more models to hear differences between hearts?

  2. Charlie

    This is about Joanna – you haven’t created a blog post for her yet.

    She is absolutely GORGEOUS.

  3. Charlie

    Can’t wait to see Joanna being examined by a doctor.

  4. Claudio Battisti

    i’m here only to tell you that it is very very good sound to use the triple head of
    the original Harvey DLX WelchAllyn stethoscope.

    If you want you can try to use it. I heard a very nice and good sound.

    My best compliment for the new models.
    I’m waiting for any new ones.
    My best regards.

    • xxhearts

      Interesting. Thanks. Are you sure that the sound is better than my Cardio 4? Or what do you consider as “good sound”? Thanks

      • Claudio Battisti

        Yes . I’m sure that it is very clear and pure sound maybe probably better the Cardio4 one’s.
        When i say “good sound” i mean a very very clear, pure and powerful sound.
        Try to use it !!

  5. Quero ouvir a sua pulsação forte,gata Vitória,bjhs……

  6. I’m a female and I will definitely want to check to the heart pulse respirations and I would love to pump on your bare chest and give you CPR

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