Heart skips with Amélie

In the latest video clip we auscultate a professional ballet dancer. Since she’s practices several hours a day, one should expect that here heart is trained.

In the video, around min 10:55, she returns from exercise and we hear the initial recovery of her heart. And that’s the moment when those heavy variations and skips happen. After +/- 30 seconds, her heart runs normal again.

We saw the same with Chloe after her exercise. Specifically after the first set of exercises. The follow-up sets were less obvious.

Anyone has an idea why this happens?


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  1. I have some ideas: it may be caused by two things: first – when someone doing some exercise not only heart pumping the blood, muscles are doing it too. When exercises are over, all the load going to the heart and it may provoke some rhythm abnormalities. second – when someone changes his/her position from vertical to horizontal, an additional blood pressure gives to the heart some additional load. Together with the first cause it gives you such result. It would be interesting to see it on the ecg.

  2. xxhearts

    Sounds plausible. So next time I’m going to maximize this effect. I saw that short and powerful exercises (like running on a stairs) make this effect more clear (instead of running for 10mins).

    • Yes, because heart can’t adopt to an intensive exercises quickly. I have noticed, that in healthy heart, irregularities may be induced by emotional stress, fast body position changing or some overload(hard and/or intensive exercises as example). Also skips are a usual thing for tall and thin girls in case of vertical heart position(additional load, heart has not only to pump the blood but lift itself too) and MVP (which is often happens for them).
      Also i want to say that you’re doing a great job. Keep doing it.

  3. I hope you make stomach sounds video. If you do it, i promise, i m going to buy the video!!!!! Please consider my requestion^^

  4. apexWatching

    when there come new updates?

  5. Do you have some news?

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