Fashion shoot with Marie

Connecting a stethoscope mic to a fashion model

You might be aware that I frequently photograph fashion too. So I thought; why not connect a stethoscope and mic to my moving model during the whole session?

And it worked very well. You can clearly hear her heart increasing and decreasing in speed according the pose and the heat of the moment.

It is clear to see that Marie, our beautiful model, knows her job very well and remained professional during the whole session while the audio device continuously recorded her fast beating heart.

Marie is a professional model from Belgium, age 25 and has been doing catalog and fashion work for the last 7 years. She travels a lot and has seen quite a big part of the world already. Her character is as you can see in the video below, very sweet but also intelligent. She reads a few books per week when she’s traveling.

The sound of her heart is full, undiluted and strong. The fragment below is only a small part of the 10min video.

Important to know is that the recording (video and audio) was done in realtime. My camera allows taking pictures during the video recording. When pushing the shutter during the video recording, the camera switches to photo mode for one or two seconds while the frame freezes. At that moment we hear no sound.

So it’s real and super sexy :-) Download it here.

ps. Any thoughts about this? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. Oh my – this is a delicious idea and thanks so much for sharing. As has always been the case, this modal is beautiful. I agree . . . her heart is very “active” so she seems a bit . . . “nervous” . . . or “excited” maybe? In any case, very well done, and I really liked the “snapshot” moments . . . where you captured in B&W! Would love to see more like this – could be cute if a couple of times during the “shoot” she would feel her heartbeat with her fingers/hand . . . with a look of surprise and pleasure – not a criticism, just a thought.

    • xxhearts

      Good idea thanks. I’m going to create another “photoshoot video” with Clara anyway so I’ll bear that in mind. Thanks

  2. Alan Thomson

    She is very beautiful. Please forgive this question but do you know where I can find some of her work?

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