Elise – Her first stethoscope experience

Elise, such a beautiful girl from Poland… Not much of a talker, but her body language is strong and she enjoyed this session so much.

In this video, she’ll be listening to her own heart for the very first time. At the beginning, it’s always a bit strange for the girls when they hear their heart sounds for the first time, but very often they get intrigued by the constant inflow of warm beats.

It wasn’t possible to use the Cardio 4 for this self-stething session. This simply because we cannot connect the mic somewhere in the middle without damaging the stethoscope. However, the Littmann Classic II fits the purpose perfectly.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one. Below you can find a quick preview.

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A special thankyou to http://www.rhythmia.net  for the audio remastering (removal of unwanted sounds etc.) and the nice editing of the whole.

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  1. That’s a shame about the cardio 4. Perhaps in a future vid the model could self steth herself with the cardio 4 even if her actual heartbeat is not recorded with it.

    Could have part of the vid with the classic 2 if there is a requirement to record the actual heartbeat

    • xxhearts

      That’s possible but personally, I really hate dubbed HB’s. HB should be authentic, high-fidelity heartbeat sound, up to the millisecond in sync with the heart movement.

  2. I love the abdomen stething you had in Victoria’s video, will you be doing that for Elise and the other models as well?

    • xxhearts

      Yes, I’ve done it with all of them. (Dr. vids). But Victoria had a very noisy stomach 🙂

  3. wish to see her dedicated visible pulse video

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