Effect of Nicotine on Female heart rate

Clara doesn’t smoke much, maybe 5 cigarettes per week. So we saw this as an opportunity for a small experiment to check the influence of nicotine on the heart rate of a girl.

We connected a stethoscope to her chest. Inside the steth, we have a sensitive mic directly connected to the camera. So you can hear her heartbeat live.
Below you can see that we started at the fairly slow of about 78-80 BPM.

After 1-2 minutes the nicotine started to take effect.  Quoting the article from livestrong, the heart rate increases about 10 to 20 BPM due to the effect of nicotine. The effect on Clara’s heart was even more notable.

Download the video in the store.

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  1. Awesome addition! Clara is truly “model beautiful” and as always the audio quality is outstanding! Truly. Really enjoyed hearing this effect on her heart! I believe if she held the smoke a little long the effect would be even greater – NOT a criticism. The rest of the clip was really great as well. Even there she seemed to maybe get a little nervous in a couple of sweet spots. Anyway – really appreciate this new adventure – and will look forward to, hopefully, additional “smoke adventures”!

  2. My heart seems okay, but this is still scary I hope I can find a way to quit smoking.

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