Clara biking to the Edge

Exercise video with Clara while recording her heartbeat live. During two cyles she increases her heart rate up to 186 Beats Per Minute (BPM).

Why the edge?

The Maximum Heart Rate for women is 206 – (0,88 x age). Clara is 21y old so her MHR would be 187 BPM. So with 186 BPM she was pretty close!

In the second cycle she listens to her own heart – live – which must have been a special experience for her. Sound recorded live.

See below a short preview (+/- 133 BPM)

Download the full clip here.



聴診, 聴診器, 心




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  1. Another gem. The only possible way to improve would be to eliminate the sound of her shirt rubbing, but wow, even without that its still so clear. Well done.

    • xxhearts

      I might consider to decrease the volume of the rubbing a bit more. In the second part of the video, this is solved because she doesn’t wear a T-Shirt there.

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