Chloe pushing the limits on the bike

Chloe’s heartbeat during exercise

Chloe takes a 19 min bike ride speeding up her heartbeat to almost 180 beats per minute. The sound is better than ever; recorded live in parallel with 2 different devices (audio device + camera) and remastered by our specialist Stethoscope on two different places in two different clips. This guarantees different sounds where you can clearly hear the blood flows, valves and breathing. Perfect crystal clear audio.

Preview is censored.

Buy the video here.

Preview of the clip

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  1. Gata Chole,quero mais tempo a sua pulsação rápida,bjhs….

  2. Hrtbeat86bpm

    Great video! Lovely model and superb audio. I’ve never seen a video with so much emphasis and depth in the audio of a woman’s heartbeat.

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