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marie cardiac exam with stethoscope

Auscultating ERB’s point with stethoscope

Marie’s Cardiac exam – Part I – Rest We just released the first part of an extensive cardiac assessment of Marie’s heart. In the first part we auscultate…

visibile pulses with stethoscope sound

Visible heart pulses in close-up

Rose’s visible pulses in close-up Something new here;  A beating heart generates a lot of visible pulses on different places on the body. We registered two places where the…

Heartbeat auscultation of girl during exercise

Clara biking to the Edge

Exercise video with Clara while recording her heartbeat live. During two cyles she increases her heart rate up to 186 Beats Per Minute (BPM). Why the edge? The Maximum…

Chloe's curiosity - xxhearts

Chloe’s curiosity

Chloe`s Curiosity – Listening to her own heart We hear the same heartbeat audio as Chloe is this beautiful serene clip. Perfect audio recorded live. Visible pulses on…


Strong heart of Chloe – SFW version

Playing with stethoscopes Outtake of the video “Steth play” with model Chloe. The full version is NSFW. In this short outtake she does a short breath hold.