Cardiac assessment with Milla

Just a preview of our newest cardiac exam featuring Milla, a professional model from Italy.

The full video is about 25 minutes long. Below you can find a very short fragment giving you an idea of audio quality.

If you hear something specific about her heart, please write a comment below.

You can download the video here.


xxhearts & rhythmia


Full Cardiac assessment with Milla with xxhearts

This is only a 30sec preview.  Full 25min clip on download page.

Full Cardiac assessment with Milla with xxhearts

Full Cardiac assessment with Milla, 


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  1. A gorgeous exam with great tension and camera work! Excellent as always, Dan. 🙂

  2. Quero mais tempo,gata italiana,Milla,bjhs!

  3. wantfly

    I really like your video, color, style, depth, different from similar videos on other websites, here is more content. Maybe my sentence is not very smooth, but beauty is not national boundaries.

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