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How can you be sure of the audio/video quality?

Quality is top notch, recorded with expensive Sennheiser audio equipment, connected directly to the camera.


Security  XXHEARTS web store and confidentiality of your data

Vidown is hosted by and highly trusted. (proof)

The company has been in continuous operation since 1998 and runs hundreds of stores that are responsible for tens of millions of sales transactions. We are PCI-compliant and use the highest level of SSL protection. We do not store card data in our systems, so it’s nearly impossible for a data breach to occur. We have never been hacked and your bank info is never stored in our online system either. For credit card payments we set up a transfer path with our commercial bank and then discard the info. Only the banks involved retain the info.

Copyright Infringement

XXHEARTS videos are copyright protected.

Infringement occurs when someone uses work that is protected by copyright laws without the creator’s permission and, if you’re found liable for copyright infringement, you may face damages of up to $150,000. The penalty is greater if the court finds the infringement willful. Do not use or share other creators’ work unless you have their permission.

What’s more; there is no reason to continue producing if people are violating our rights. At the end, there will be nothing anymore to share.