Very soon: 5 new girls

Hi Everybody,

It has been a while since we added new videos to the portfolio.

Good news: Early June we’ll record 5 new girls (one of them you can see below).

Expect new releases soon!



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  1. Wow 5 together in one vid?? My dream


      I just wish they would hurry up and release them I’m in need of some good heart beats to fall asleep to

      • xxhearts

        I’ll create a blog post for the next Johanna video. First we are going to release another girl: Elise.

  2. Oh goodie!! Would be cool if there was some self stething with the full cardio IV stethoscope

  3. That’s great news! Looking forward to it all.

    Are we going to get any medical scenarios this time? House-calls for young ladies feeling a bit under the weather?


    • xxhearts

      I’m afraid that the setting remains an apartment and the subjects remain female models :-)
      But if you have better ideas (which are possible with my limited resources), I’m all ears :-)

  4. fr0sty

    Can you do some videos where you listen to the femoral arteries (preferably with the leg out-turned a little) with the stethoscope?

  5. stethoman

    Could you try to record & listen the abdominal aorta? (renal – iliac etc…)
    Here you can find the good procedure,
    Regards :-)

  6. Steve

    So, “very soon” is like – when? Roughly?



    Let us know so we can plan Christmas around it.

    • xxhearts

      Very soon = Recording the videos this weekend and releasing them in June :-)

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