The origins of cardiophilia or heartbeat fetish

Why this blog post?

Many people love to listen to a human beating heart. It’s such a relaxing place to be; the sound calms us, exhilarates us, makes us feel alive and connected with each other.

Most people have fetishes. A thing for breasts, leather, shoes, feet, etc. They know it about themselves or they still have to detect it. This particular interest, which focusses on the human heart and the sound it makes, should be considered as one of the most romantic / cutest fetishes one can have. When people talk about love, they talk about hearts and vice versa. But where does it come from?

Cardiophile vs Cardiofetish

People with a specific interest in the human beating heart are generally called “cardiophiles”. Cardiophilia can be considered as an all-around appreciation of the heart. From that perspective, cardiologists or professional people working with human hearts could also be considered as cardiophiles.

Cardio fetishism however is not exactly the same as Cardiophilia since fetishes focus on nonliving objects or non-genital body parts. In many cases from an erotic point of view. However, empirical research such as that by Dr Chris Gosselin and Dr Glenn Wilson showed that some “fetishists” report that practicing their fetish is relaxing rather than arousing.

Shoes and Foot fetishes are the most common fetishes. Well known fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton got their inspiration from their fetishes

Shoes and Foot fetishes are the most common fetishes. Well known fashion photographers such as Helmut Newton got their inspiration from their own fetishes

Partialism vs object fetish

When looking at the interest for body parts such as the human heart, we can identify two different kinds of fetishes where the first one is called partialism. Partialism is an erotic interest with an exclusive focus on a specific part of the body other than the genitals. Examples are for instance human feet, breasts, hair, heart, etc.). The second type of fetishes are so called “object fetishes” that relate to non-body parts (objects). Here we have examples such as headwear, leather or in this particular case: stethoscopes.

Origins of the cardio fetish

People may consider partialism as a weird fact. But consider the following: most men and women know that particularly men have a huge interest in female breasts. Nobody would label these men as having a breast fetish (Mazophilia), it’s just a fact that men really like breasts because breasts are connected to fertility. But still, it is not 100% known why men are so interested in female breasts. Desmond Morris theorizes that cleavage is a sexual signal that imitates the image of the cleft between the buttocks. But personally, I don’t consider this as a powerful fact since men love breasts in all forms. At least not only when they are visualized as a cleavage. features the heartbeats of beautiful woman features the heartbeats of beautiful women. I must admit that from this perspective the similarity to female buttocks is striking.

So what about cardio fetishism? People with a heartbeat fetish are generally interested in everything that relates to the human heart. The most common interests are auscultations with stethoscopes, reactions of the heart on emotions and exercises and specials such as heart-rhythm skips, breath holds, irregular heartbeats and visible pulses on body parts.

So, why are people interested in this? Has it something to do with the fact that a fetus, during its time in mothers womb, constantly hears the reassuring sound of mothers heartbeat? Or was it initiated during childhood under other specific circumstances? The limited research on this topic showed that most people detected this fetish quite early. It is believed that is was activated by relating the body part or the object to a sexual feeling at early age.

There must also be a reason why many people, mostly men, become “trancy” when they hear the sound of repeating bases (techno, trance, house,..)? Could we assume that fans of heartbeat sounds love techno music and vice versa? We don’t know.

What we know is that this is a beautiful thing and that the world could be better place without the limitations imposed by conformist thoughts (mainly induced by religious institutions).

Interested in your thoughts. Free free to comment below. Thx

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  1. My fav interests are the auscultations with stethoscopes, but most reactions of the heart on emotions and exercises.
    My focus is on taking bp in manual way (expecially with mercurial sphygmo) and about cardio stress test (on treadmill or bike)

  2. Great article/discussion! For me it’s exclusively about a woman’s heartbeat. Beyond that it’s the effect different things have on her heart; emotions, tension/fear, exercise, smoking/drugs, sexual excitement, breath play (especially pushes), etc. An irregular reaction is especially exciting in any of these scenarios. Finally to your message about the ” Could we assume that fans of heartbeat sounds love techno music “, in my case it is very true that I do prefer this type of music; always have.

  3. Just Lil Old Me

    I like listening to my boyfriend’s heartbeat ^_^

  4. Jasontye

    I am a guy with a heartbeat fetish. Since being a child, the sound, sight and feel of a girls heartbeat was a real rush. As I got into puberty it became very sexual, erotic and arousing to the point of climactic if I hear, see or feel it long enough. Not a day of my life has gone by, where I am not scanning all females around me, looking for visible heartbeats.
    I do find that some women, even those not showing interest in heartbeats, seem to regard sharing their heartbeats as a personal thing. They will not share with just anybody! Maybe they are secret or closet heartbeat fetishists! For every 10 women I casually get conversations about health or heartbeats, maybe 1-2 will allow auscultation or recording. There seems to be an unconscious hesitation for women to allow a man to auscultation them. But of many guys, I have asked, if they would let a woman , feel, listen or auscultation their heart, maybe 6-7 out of 10 would allow it. It seems heartbeat fetish is more of a guy thing! Except with gay females, who really get into other female heartbeats and are more open to auscultation sharing. Same with foot fetish! More men are into female feet than females into men’s feet!

    • xxhearts

      Thanks for sharing this Jason!
      You are probably right. In my personal experience (having recorded many women), most of them do find it a bit strange but certainly not dirty. Some of them even see it as a cute kind of fetish (which is true of course). In the case of open-minded women, it even sparks interest and they are generally interested in learning more about it. But not one has ever condemned it. It’s just completely harmless.

    • heartbeatlovergirl

      im a girl with heartbeat fetish.for share our heartbeating sound send me an email

  5. I am a female with a heartbeat fetish. I fantasize about how my boyfriend’s heart beats, especially after he runs. I love hearing it pound and race in his chest. I also love when it skips a beat or slows down while he is asleep. I’m not interested in my own heart being listened to, just listening to my boyfriend’s. I’m 5’1 and he is 6’5, which allows me to hear his heart every time I hug him. I also enjoy feeling him breathe when my head is resting on his chest.

  6. I actually have some kind of Cardio fetishism.
    I can’t really relax while listening to heartbeats, because they always happen to arouse me.
    I don’t know when that started. I just remember that as a kid I never liked it, when someone listend to my heart, no matter if it was in a children’s game or with a real doctor. And I’m still avoiding that topic. It’s a kind of taboo for me. Maybe because I always connect it to sexual desire.
    Anyways.. now I love listening to fast or erratic heartbeats, love especially visible ones, and also watch videos of throbbing reproductive organs of men. But all of that just for errection. Nothing relaxing there …

    Also I don’t like Techno or similar music at all. It’s to uncreative, I’m more a fan of classical music or jazz, something with complexity. Also I don’t really want to be turned on by music.

    I think some academic should do research about that fetishism and write a dissertation or something about that topic. I would like to know the background why people think that way (like me). Want to understand it and know facts and statistics about it.

    • Anonymous

      You just put everything i’ve been feeling my entire life into words and I couldn’t thank you enough. i’ve struggled for YEARS to understand what I was feeling and I never knew there were others who felt this way too. I feel less alone now 😂

  7. larry omar

    en mi caso no se si llamarlo fetichismo pero siento una fuerte atracción por los latidos del corazón visibles ……justo en ese momento quiero un collar q le quede a la chica a la altura de su corazón para ver como la medalla tiembla con el retumbar de los latidos y poder saber su estado de animo y las emociones q siente la chica en ese momento….espero q no malentiendan mi idea….gracias….

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