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Heart skips with xxhearts

Heart skips with Amélie

In the latest video clip we auscultate a professional ballet dancer. Since she’s practices several hours a day, one should expect that here heart is trained. In the…


New shoot with Chloe

Saturday February 25, there will be a new session with Chloe. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. Kind regards, Xxhearts

heartbeat variations after exercises with xxhearts

Extreme heartbeat variations with Chloe

Just uploaded a new video with Chloe where her heart beats very infrequently during the recovery phase of an exercise. Pretty amazing to see and hear. Her chest…

Girl exercise to extreme heart rate

How much BPM?

Just released a new video with Marie pushing the limits of her heart on the bike. At a certain point her heart is racing so fast that it resulted…

origins of cardiophilia and stethoscope fetish

The origins of cardiophilia or heartbeat fetish

Why this blog post? Many people love to listen to a human beating heart. It’s such a relaxing place to be; the sound calms us, exhilarates us, makes us feel…

xxhearts trailer

xxhearts – Beautiful heartbeats Trailer

XXHEARTS Trailer One of our customers was so kind to create a beautiful xxhearts introduction video. The video is 1min25 long and totally suitable for work. So we’ve…