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New shoot with Chloe

Saturday February 25, there will be a new session with Chloe. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see. Kind regards, Xxhearts

heartbeat variations after exercises with xxhearts

Extreme heartbeat variations with Chloe

Just uploaded a new video with Chloe where her heart beats very infrequently during the recovery phase of an exercise. Pretty amazing to see and hear. Her chest…

Chloe's curiosity - xxhearts

Chloe’s curiosity

Chloe`s Curiosity – Listening to her own heart We hear the same heartbeat audio as Chloe is this beautiful serene clip. Perfect audio recorded live. Visible pulses on…

visible pulses and heartbeat for cardiophiles

Visible pulses on the right spot

Visible pulses everywhere Just released a video with Chloe where we focus on the details: For a big part of this video, the camera zooms to a point where the…


Strong heart of Chloe – SFW version

Playing with stethoscopes Outtake of the video “Steth play” with model Chloe. The full version is NSFW. In this short outtake she does a short breath hold.