Intimate moments with Marie & Alex

This is the first time that we introduced another person in our videos. Traditionally it’s only the model and her heart, nothing more..
However, Marie’s boyfriend accompanied her for this shooting day, resulting in a nice opportunity for xxhearts by inviting him during this particular video. And since they know each other very well, it resulted in very natural looking scenes.

Her boyfriend Alex was carefully instructed to auscultate on the right places (aortic, pulmonic, ERB’s point, tricuspid, mitral) delivering on very good -live- HB audio with almost no additional (moving) noises.

Below a short fragment where he uses the Bell on the Mitral valve.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of art by downloading it here.

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  1. Nice video,But i would like to see her neck,abdominal,armpit and hip pulse

    • xxhearts

      Neck and abdominal are featured in the full videos. (more specifically in a video which will be released soon). Thx

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