Doctor visit for cardiac exam with stethoscope

Doctor home visit

We start with a checkup of the lungs. A few days ago, Clara had a cold but it seems to be disappeared completely. The doctor decides to perform an extensive auscultation of the heart and its valves to make sure that everything is ok. We listen together with him. You clearly hear a split in both S1 and S2. Especially S1 split, resulting from an asynchronous closure of mitral (M1) and tricuspid (T1) valves, is clearly heard.

Checks are done at rest and after exercise. We notice a number of heart rate variations but nothing unusual. Visible pulses in neck, chest and belly areas.
At the end of the video, we have added some bonus footage.

Below a short fragment of the full 26min video, available in the store.

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  1. Very nice video I like it .

  2. Michele

    fantastic video!

  3. Besides the fantasic clear heart audio on all your recordings this particular clip shows a quite realistic heart exam scene which is my cup of tea.
    A great start, thank you for that! I’m hopig to see more realistic play exams in the future

  4. Charlie

    Hi there.

    Great effort, love it. The girl is gorgeous, and the auscultation is thorough. Sound is near perfect.

    If I were to make a number of suggestions, I would ask that you (a) also examine the patient sitting up with her hands behind her head, (b) examine her in the lateral decubitus (turned on her left side).

    Realism can be achieved with minor adjustments, so here’s another suggestion: doctors usually stand or sit to the right of the patient when examining. I’m sure you can find the right camera configuration so that you don’t obscure the view.

    Regardless, this is brilliant, and I look forward to more. I’m currently downloading Rose’s exam, with huge anticipation!


    • xxhearts

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Let’s bear this in mind for the next session. (in the meanwhile, we had a session with Rose, where I didn’t take your suggestions into consideration. However, there she’s sitting straight up with a couple “lean forwards”.
      So the other two suggestions (hands behing her head and the lateral decubitus) are for the next session on April 16. Thanks

  5. Just buy this video,awesome video,pulse is very visible.Thanks xxhearts.
    I am expecting similar videos in future.

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