Auscultating ERB’s point with stethoscope

Marie’s Cardiac exam – Part I – Rest

We just released the first part of an extensive cardiac assessment of Marie’s heart. In the first part we auscultate all important auscultation sites (aortic, pulmonic, ERB, tricuspid, mitral) at rest.

The positioning of the stethoscope head is important to clearly distinguish the different heart tones and therefore have an impression of the efficiency of the particular heart valves. As many of you know, S2 is best heart on the aortic/pulmonary area (above) and S1 is best heart on the tricuspid/mitral area (below).

ERB’s point

Below a short extract from the auscultation video where we auscultate Marie’s ERB’s point with the diaphragm. At this particular auscultation site we are able to hear S1 and S2 sounds equally, so S1 (lub) = closure of mitral and tricuspid valves, and s2 (dub) = closure of aortic and pulmonic valves. This gives a rich and equally balanced heart tone.

Erb’s point is a combination of the aortic and pulmonic areas in terms of what you will hear. It is the place where potential heart murmurs, located at the third intercostal space and the left lower sternal border, could be located.

The splitting of the second heart tone into A2 and P2 is heard best during inspiration over Erb’s point. During expiration A2 and P2 fuse.

Sound remastered by 

Part I now available in the web-store.


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  1. I truly enjoyed both of the heart assessment videos of beautiful Marie! They were everything I had hoped for in terms of sensuality, heartbeat quality and medical thoroughness. Are you planning to do a similar set of videos with Clara soon, and is there a chance for precordial palpation as well? Looking forward to more!

    • xxhearts

      Hi, thanks a lot!
      New shoot with Clara is in the planning, but not before June 13 because she’s currently very busy finishing her master’s thesis. This week I have Zoe (Thursday) and Marie (Sunday) back in the studio. Any suggestions are welcome. Precordial palpation is a good idea, I’ll do my research and try to include it during one of the next shoots.. Keep in touch!

  2. Charlie

    This is just beautiful, man, thanks. Marie’s face is gorgeous while she’s being auscultated. (I have a thing for patient faces; I hate it when they’re hidden from view, and I love it when they look serious and perhaps slightly anxious.)

    The next level-up of your offering could explore the following:

    – An actual medical setting. Difficult, I know, but not impossible as we see from other paysites.
    – Consultation. This would differentiate you 100%. The doctor speaks with the patient before the exam, asking her what the problem is, guiding her to relate her symptoms, taking a history. None of your competitors focus on it, and it would be 5 minutes well-spent… Seeing her listening carefully to the doctor’s questions, trying to answer with accuracy, her nervousness almost audible in her speech. She won’t need to be a great actress — all you have to tell her in terms of instruction is to behave in exactly the same way she would behave in an actual doctor’s appointment.

    Thanks for your great work! I’ll keep coming back.

    • xxhearts

      Good point. I’ll bear that in mind for future productions. Thanks.

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