A visible carotid neckpulse

A prominent Carotid pulse

Most people have a visible Carotid pulse (neck pulse). Zoe however, has a quite prominent one.

Quite obviously, this is usually seen with thin persons  (their carotid artery is near the skin surface). But the phenomenon is also more prominent with people who have a more significant variability in blood pressure.

In few cases, a prominent Carotid artery is caused by aneurysm (bulging or ballooning in the wall of a blood vessel. It is caused when a portion of the artery wall weakens.), which means that it has a bend or loop in it which makes the pulse instantly more visible. Not Zoe’s problem luckily.

Zoe has many other visible pulses all over her body. Find the video here. Hearts sounds live and remastered by Rhythmia.

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  1. Marne

    Your videos are fantastic.

    However, I am not here because I’m into heartbeats.

    I love realistic medical exams. I find nothing more beautiful than a realistic Physical Examination.

    Your videos are some of the best I’ve found for realistic exams. “Cardiac assessment for Marie” is amazing.

    Your videos are tasteful and beautiful. There’s so much garish and vulgar crap out there. I’m not one for hardcore pornography – I think it’s disrespectful and unnecessary, not to mention unrealistic!

    Especially when it comes to medical content. It focuses on crude doctor/patient stuff, and always ends up in people having sex, which has no realism at all.

    Your videos emphasize the beauty of the female body and the intimacy of the scenarios your videos portray.

    I would be overjoyed if you could focus more on full physical exams. I know your emphasis is on heartbeats, and your audience is here for that too.

    But obviously, there is of course some crossover between the two interests, and I think some of your future heartbeat videos would be fantastic with some additional examination elements, such as physical exams of the abdomen, breasts, lungs, reflexes (neurological exam), legs and feet (musculoskeletal exam).

    I think you’d bring a whole new audience to your unique content that way – there is a lot of interest in realistic exams, especially if you promote on YouTube. There’s also a lot of interest from the ASMR physical exam role plays on YouTube. Something like this would be wonderful, because so much of the material currently is just plane old porno and is really crude.


    • xxhearts

      Thanks for the input and sorry for the late reply. That’s definitely an interesting approach and if interest is high enough, a good idea for a new channel. (this channel features exclusively female hearts). I’ll see if I get more request for this. If so, I can create one or two vids for a try-out.
      Best regards,

  2. I definitely think this is an intriguing idea. I love the artful manner these scenes are filmed, and I think an comprehensive exam narrative would be gorgeous. Dan, if you are interested in shooting a custom script, I may be able to contribute some funds in that direction. Particularly if Clara is involved. 😉

    • xxhearts

      Will def. invite Clara for a new session in the future. I’ll keep you updated..

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